About BIZGenes

Business Alignment Public Company Limited (BIZ)

was established in 2000 with the ultimate goal of being a part of improving the quality of life of cancer patients across Thailand by offering our services in highly specialized radiotherapy. Our expertise chiefly involves professional one-stop service in radiation treatment, extending from the importing, distribution to installation of radiotherapy machines and medical equipment used for radiation treatment. In addition, BIZ offers quality assurance and maintenance services as well as upgrading to our clients both in government and private sectors in the country.

Personalized Medicine is considered an emerging practice using an individual's genetic profile to guide healthcare decisions in regard to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of particular diseases in which genetic alterations appear to play a vital role. In order to increase business growth potential in Personalized Medicine aiming at cancer prevention and precision cancer treatment, “Genetic Testing Division or BIZGENES” was launched in 2018 under the management of BIZ. BIZGENES offers a wide variety of genetic tests, ranging from genetic testing for cancer risk screening, pharmacogenetic testing (to evaluate a person's potential response to a drug therapy including drug reactions and allergies) to genetic testing for heredity diseases and family planning. BIZGENES has selected high quality genetic tests available in domestic and international markets, ensuring testing accuracy and allowing for reliable results that potentially lead to proactive healthcare planning for each individual.

Not only focusing on cancer treatment, but BIZ is also committed to offer wellness and preventive programs, including genetic testing for cancer screening and well-being as well as hereditary diseases and family planning. BIZ has become one of the nation’s leading distributors of radiotherapy machines, advanced medical equipment, medical devices and genetic screening tests. Our vision is to improve healthcare access to healthcare services and cutting-edge technology which are equivalent to the standard of developed countries.

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Have a question?
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